As you will see from our Exercise Section, your puppies diet is very important.

Although we subscribe to the benefits of a BARF diet for dogs, this is not a particularly easy option, and we would certainly not recommend this for a young puppy unless the Owner was an experienced BARF feeder. The feed requirements for puppy, giant breed dog, are very exacting and the effects of getting this wrong could lead to a life-time of troubles.

We therefore recommend a premium complete food, specific to the age and type of puppy, ie. A Giant breed, Baby-dog specific complete feed. This way the feed components, nutrients and minerals, and kibble size have been correctly balanced for each growing stage for your puppy. There should be no need to add any additional supplements if the right feed is used, although additional Glucosamine & Chrondotion, in small amounts, would’t do any harm, and may improve your dogs joint development.

We offer to supply a premium complete feed to all our Puppy purchasers, at the discounted price we purchase it for. We feel this encourages an appropriate feed to be given to your puppy, giving him the best chance of a happy, healthy life.

Once older a good quality complete dried food will be sufficient.  There are many brands which cater for large breeds and will have ranges to suit the age and exercise level of your dog.  It can be quite costly to feed a Bullmastiff, you should budget for £1.50 - £2.00 per day.

From 18 months of age we put our own dogs on a raw diet. If this is something you would like to look into we are happy to advise.

There a foods that are not good for your dog, and should be avoided. Some are well known such as chocolate, where as others are less well known such as onion, grapes and sultanas.