Constantia Bullmastiffs is a small Show Kennel based in the Essex countryside.

We Show at Open and Championship Shows all around the UK and Ireland.  Success in the Show Ring, although giving us much pleasure, is not our driving Goal, our dogs are first and foremost pets, living in our home.

Our Goal is to own and breed Bullmastiffs that are considered as true Ambassadors of the Breed, in Temperament, Soundness and Type.

With such a large and powerful Breed, with a strong, spirited character, a good temperament is a must. Our own dogs are brought up and live in a home environment where they are exposed to all aspects of family life.

We believe the Bullmastiff should be Fit for Purpose, still able to perform the duty for which the breed was originally developed. This requires a dog both physically and mentally sound and without exaggeration.

Although considered by those that do not understand the breed to be stubborn, they are actually independent thinkers and combined with their physical size require responsible ownership, but with that responsibility comes a loyal and true friend unequalled in the dog world.